Hard of Hearing Communication Needs

Communication needs for the Hard of Hearing (HoH) are often misunderstood and misrepresented. Hearing Loss LIVE! clears up misconceptions through our free online workshops, podcasts and classes.

Seeing is hearing. We all lipread to some degree, even if we aren’t aware of what we doing. Learning the strategies behind lipreading can have such a huge impact on communication for those with hearing loss. (Tip: Lip shapes are a tiny part of ‘lipreading’.) Lipreading strategies paired with hearing aids can make a big difference. We teach the Janet Jeffers method.

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Sensitivity Training for Businesses

Learn the specifics for hearing loss communication needs. It’s not hard.

There is diversity under the term “hearing impaired”. Approximately 48 million people in America with some kind of hearing loss. We call ourselves by different names; Hard of Hearing, Late Deafened, deaf and Deaf. There are a variety of accommodations that help each group and many people assume it’s American Sign Language (ASL). This is a common misconception. 

Less than 2% of the 48 million people use ASL for communication. The Hard of Hearing, Late Deafened and deaf speak English, write English and read English. Accommodations therefore need to be in English, whether it’s captioning, amplification and/or other strategies. As a business owner, employer, supervisor, or HR administrator you may not be aware of all the possible Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) solutions for helping those with hearing loss. Learn what best practices to help those with hearing loss and create your own hard of hearing ‘kit’.

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Presentations we offer to educate on HoH communication needs:
  • Family – The HoH often have a hard time communicating family. We clear up misconceptions and offer easy communication rules to adopt.
  • Accommodations – Basic accommodations available for the HoH. This includes caption phones, smartphone apps, assistive listening info and CART/live captions.
  • Requesting CART – We educate your community on the benefits of CART, our ADA rights for effective communication and how to request it.
  • Be Proactive! – We present the basics of self advocacy, workshop style. We share a variety of ways to tackle tough, social situations.
  • Help your HoH clients be more proactive with their communication needs. Hire us for to teach a class!

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Consultations are available.

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