What we do!

  • Through our live and online lipreading classes, we promote self advocacy and independence while learning new communication skills. In our classes, we create an atmosphere of acceptance and growth. We have 4 levels of lipreading classes! Learn more by clicking this LINK.
  • Our online, live Let’s Talk Tuesday workshops provide support, resources and education for hearing loss. Register for Let’s Talk Tuesday by going to our registration page HERE.
  • Hearing Loss LIVE!’s podcasts focus on how-to hearing loss for both those with hearing loss and their communication partners. It takes two to make communication work. To reduce communication breakdowns and learn more about technology, watch our podcast with captions on YouTube or visit our Podcast page HERE for more information on other podcast platforms we use.
  • Here’s another thing we do! We provide a twice a month email newsletter. Be the first to learn about upcoming topics. Get a technology tip, learn about specials for our lipreading classes and more. You can register that through this LINK.
We inspire people to be more proactive with hearing loss.
All our services are online. The benefits are:
  • Speech to text and remote CART options to keep us accessible and inclusive.
  • People talk one at a time, which is valuable to those with hearing loss.
  • We sit closer to the camera and can use our lipreading abilities as support. (Whether we know it or not, we all lipread to some degree.)
  • It gives us a chance to meet people from all over the United States and beyond, opening up our community.
  • Online events kept us social, active and participating in a safe environment.

Hearing Family & Friends

Hearing loss is a communication barrier. While it definitely impacts those who experience it firsthand, it also presents challenges for those connected to people with hearing loss. Everyone in the equation needs information, solutions, and strategies for better communication. Understanding communication techniques will improve your relationship and business relations. Learn how to improve communication with your loved one.

Our hearing communication partners are welcome to join any one of our events. We learn more together.