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Hearing loss should fit into your life, not the other way around. At Hearing Loss LIVE!, we want to help you live the life you want by offering…

  • video podcasts – accessible with captions
  • audio podcasts with transcripts
  • blogs

Become a better self advocate with us!

  • classes
  • mentoring
  • workshops

“I highly recommend Chelle Wyatt. She is a passionate professional who managed the Hard of Hearing program at the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation (USOR). Chelle grew the program during her time as the manager including transitioning many classes to a virtual environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. She expanded workshops and educational opportunities statewide and increased the number of people accessing our services. As a person with hearing loss, Chelle understands the needs of individuals experiencing the same. She is knowledgeable about successful strategies, technology and accommodations that improve the lives of people with hearing loss.” 


All our events are currently online.

We have extensive experience with online classes, meetings and events. Though technical glitches happen, we have been able to smooth out much of the process. This means we can help anyone, anywhere who has a computer set up with a camera and microphone. Smartphone apps also work! Advantages to online classes are:

  • Speech to text and remote CART options to keep it accessible.
  • People talk one at a time, which is valuable to those with hearing loss.
  • We sit closer to the camera and can use our lipreading abilities as support. (Whether we know it or not, we all lipread to some degree.)
  • It gave us a chance to meet people from all over the United States and beyond, opening up our community.
  • Our online events kept us social, active and participating.

Hearing Loss Peer Mentoring & Support

Hearing loss is the life-changing disability happening to you NOW, in real-time. Because we have lived it ourselves, we know you need solutions and information to help you begin adapting immediately. No matter what your comfort or acceptance level, we want to help you discover all of the possibilities and options for people with hearing loss. Apply what you learn at home, work and in public. We want you to manage your hearing loss instead of your hearing loss managing you.

*Audiologists & Hearing Instrument Specialists, patients and clients who are more comfortable, confident, and knowledgeable about their hearing loss get more benefit from their hearing devices. We’ve seen it!

Hearing Family & Friends

Hearing loss is a communication barrier. It not only impacts those who experience it firsthand, but also presents challenges for those connected to people with hearing loss. Everyone in the equation needs information, solutions, and strategies for better communication. Understanding communication techniques will improve your relationship and business relations. Learn how to improve communication with your loved one.

State Agencies, Programs & Educational Services

Hard of Hearing Communication Needs

We’ve seen it again and again, people often confuse Hard of Hearing (HoH) communication needs with those of Deaf Culture. While we admire the Deaf community and their accomplishments, and respect sign language, we need to create a movement to heighten the general public’s awareness about HoH communication needs.

Statistics show that 20% (1 in 5) of the population has a some degree of hearing loss. The vast majority (over 95%) are HoH and use spoken language. They live, work, and socialize in the hearing community and tend to be underserved. We can help your agency provide information, instruction, and awareness on lipreading, self advocacy, and other skills to help the HoH enhance their lives and live more boldly with hearing loss.