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Our discussions will feature a different topic each week around hearing loss. All our sessions have captions and an audio version to share the journey with your family and friends. Let’s educate the world on hearing loss and communication needs together.

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Hearing Loss LIVE! Talks Live Theater Captions with Vicki Turner Hearing Loss LIVE! Podcast

Ever wonder what it takes to make an great open caption Live Theater performance? The answer might surprise you.This week, Hearing Loss LIVE! invited Vicki Turner of Turner Captioning and Reporting talk with us about how she got involved with live theater captioning. Chelle and Michele will also share their experiences with live captions, loop and FM systems, auto captions and talk about why the gold standard is live theater captioning.Vicki and Julia will share how to advocate for your hometown theater or playhouse to have Live Theater Captions. Contact  Vicki turner for questions or help with your live theater needs.Want help advocating? Come to Hearing Loss LIVE! and we will advocate with you!
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In our latest short we talk about Thanksgiving tradition and what it means to us.

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