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Our discussions will feature a different topic each week around hearing loss. All our sessions have captions and an audio version to share the journey with your family and friends. Let’s educate the world on hearing loss and communication needs together.

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Hearing Loss LIVE! Talks with Cristina Duarte of InnoCaption Hearing Loss LIVE! Podcast

Hearing Loss LIVE! sat down with Cristina Duarte of InnoCaption to talk about hearing loss and communication. She's a CODA (child of Deaf adults) with a passion to better the quality of conversation for those with a hearing loss.In this podcast she talks about her youth, InnoCaption and wait for it.. A new feature that InnoCaption will be rolling out to it's users.Caveat Julia Stepp of Hearing Loss LIVE! contracts with InnoCaption through her CART Services business and will give you an inside look on why she loves working as a steno writer with InnoCaption.If you prefer your podcast as video you can find us at https://youtu.be/OhsC9O4p-fg
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