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Join Hearing Loss LIVE! with accessible video and audio podcasts weekly. Full written transcript can be found at: https://hearinglosslivepodcast.buzzsprout.com/ or just visit your favorite place to stream music and search Hearing Loss LIVE!

Our discussions will feature a different topic each week around hearing loss. All our sessions have captions and an audio version to share the journey with your family and friends. Let’s educate the world on hearing loss and communication needs together.

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Captions Matter

We have many video and audio podcast that talk about captioning. If captions matter to you, no matter how you prefer your speech-to-text, check out how you too can get involved.

For your hearing partners who prefer audio only, you can find us by clicking on the link below for Buzzsprout, where a transcript is also available. Or download Hearing Loss LIVE! from your favorite streaming station.

You can view all of our videos on our YouTube channel Hearing Loss LIVE!

Hearing Loss LIVE! is coming up on its one year anniversary. If you can help us continue through our second year to keep the cost of services to HoHs to a minimum we thank you! We know some can’t as we are not a non-profit but anything helps. We chose to be a business for a couple of reasons. The biggest? So we can stay true to our goals. Not the goals of a Board. We chose to be self-funded without a payroll or investors for a few reasons. The biggest? So we can stay true to our goals. Not the goals of investors. Right now we are working hard on packages that will be available at patreon.com/hearinglosslive and buymeacoffee.com/hearinglosslive that will range from free product to about twenty dollars in material and video. Because we want to see you LIVE your life with hearing loss!