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Hearing Loss LIVE! Inclusion What We Learned Hearing Loss LIVE! Podcast

Chelle and Julia like to follow up at the end of the month a talk about what they learned from their topic of the month. And Inclusion had us learning tons.Inclusion is figuratively a "seat at the table." That table can be- your dining room table.- zoom – conference tableInclusion happens but can still cause exclusion at:-home- family gathering- work- public venuesWe talk through it all. June 6th at 6 pm MT (adjust for your time zone) we will have Tribe Talk. Come and let's just talk. – What are you doing this summer?- What do you want to see more of from Hearing Loss LIVE?- What happening with you and your hearing loss, that you want to tell others about?Register today and bring it all: hearinglosslive.comĀ Support the show
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