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Our discussions will feature a different topic each week around hearing loss. All our sessions have captions and an audio version to share the journey with your family and friends. Let’s educate the world on hearing loss and communication needs together.

Hearing Loss LIVE! Talks CART/AI Hearing Loss LIVE! Podcast

One thing about a pandemic you find out there is more than one way to communicate in the age of technology.  Do you know what the difference is between live person providing captions and speech-to-text software? Do you know when you might use one over the other? Join us as we talk about the different tools we use and see and how they best serve us when it comes to communication in the era of online meetings.  This may help you help yourself to have better understanding of what you can request to be successful in your endeavors.Our video podcast is available on our YouTube Channel and you can view our full blog at Hearing Loss LIVE!Like and share us on your favorite social media site.
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  4. Hearing Loss LIVE! Talks Defining HoH
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You can view past video podcasts on our YouTube channel Hearing Loss LIVE! And stay tuned as we add Hearing Loss LIVE! shorts where you can get to know us better.