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Our discussions will feature a different topic each week around hearing loss. All our sessions have captions and an audio version to share the journey with your family and friends. Let’s educate the world on hearing loss and communication needs together.

Captions Matter

We have many video and audio podcast that talk about captioning. If captions matter to you, no matter how you prefer your speech-to-text, check out how you too can get involved.

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Hearing Loss LIVE! Talks with Jean Nalbantian, The Better Connect Academy Hearing Loss LIVE! Podcast

It's no secret that here at Hearing Loss LIVE! we believe in universe and it's subtle nudge- sometimes outright push Рthat we must work closely with others who have the same goals. The Better Connect Academy is working to educate businesses how they can better communicate with their employees with a hearing loss. And we all agree that when you use that skill to connet with your employess, it will help you connect with others overall. Go to: https://www.thebetterconnectacademy.com/ and learn how to better communicate with your Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees, friends and family. Get certified on the different modes of communication. Because we cannot stress enough- one size does not fit most.Remember to subscribe and share. For our latest blog visit: hearinglosslive.com
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