Hearing Loss Help

Hearing loss is hard.

Adapting to hearing loss can be overwhelming no matter how you
got here—suddenly or progressively.

Hearing Loss LIVE! wants to help
you take control of your hearing loss. Because we know that when you do, you’ll live more fully with fewer limits.

Are you…

✓ Feeling alone; looking to connect with others who are Hard of Hearing (HoH)?
✓ Timid or embarrassed by your hearing loss; feeling like an inconvenience to others?
✓ Wondering how to tell others what you need when you don’t know yourself?
✓ Having trouble finding information and support?
✓ Unaware of accommodations and services available to the Hard of Hearing?
✓ Looking for ways to improve communication?
✓ A hearing loved one who wants to support your person with hearing loss?

You’re our people. We’re your tribe.

We listen first; then meet you where you are to help you take the next step.

Want more Hearing Loss LIVE! You got it! Visit our Event Page to view all our upcoming workshops and events and you can sign up for Talk About it Tuesday while your there!

We’ve been there.

We’ve learned a lot along the way, and what we haven’t learned—because
there’s always more that we don’t know—we’ll figure out together.

We want to use our years of experience to reach the millions of Hard of Hearing (HoH)
who need help becoming more capable and comfortable living every day with hearing loss.

It is what we’ve spent years working on.

We’re dedicated to making the world a better, more equal and inclusive place for everyone.

“Y’all are a shining light
of hope! Keep up the fantastic work because it is making a difference!”

Chelle Wyatt

Though I’ve had hearing loss most of my life, a big drop in hearing in 2007 coupled with a move to a new state in 2008 turned my world upside down. It took me two years to dig out of that hole. Through various services, support groups and friends, I learned how to live successfully with my hearing loss. There’s a shortage of hearing loss knowledge, I’m here to help with that.

Julia Stepp

For the past 20 years I have provided CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) both in person and remotely. Working closely with our local hearing loss community has allowed me to understand my role as a hearing partner to my family members with a hearing loss, as well as how to best preform equal access to communication for individuals with a hearing loss.

Michele Linder

I’ve had a hearing loss for well over five decades. I am currently profound, a lipreader, and use captioning/CART for communication access. Without direction, it takes far too long to acquire the skill, confidence, and awareness needed to live well with hearing loss. Helping others get there has been the focus of my volunteer and advocacy efforts for the last fourteen years.

We’re changing the status quo
of hearing loss help…

ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL: Did you know that at least 85% (likely much higher) of people with
disabling hearing loss in the world do not use sign language for communication access? The
Hard of Hearing access communication through speech reading, captioning, speech-to-text,
and CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation).

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