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Hearing Loss Tour of the Grocery Store

Good afternoon and welcome to a session of Hearing Loss LIVE!’s Tour Guide to the Hearing World, at the grocery store. We share the Hard of Hearing person’s perspective.

By Chelle Wyatt

Join us as we travel through the land of the hearing, where English sounds like a foreign language and people don’t look at you while talking. There are also those curious people who mumble and others who talk 100 mph. Together, we will journey through the land of masks, dodge communication disasters and create more awareness together. Pull up a seat and enjoy our tour through the land of the Hearies, who don’t always speak our language.

My name is Chelle and I’ll be your tour guide. This tour is intended for our Hard of Hearing community but our hearing friends will learn things too. Everyone can join us!

Image: Woman with short brown hair and cat eye glasses on. She's holding a blanck and white wand with pink and black ribbons, the end is a fuzzy pink feather. She's wearing a sweatshirt and holding the wand to her shoulder, eyes wide and smiling.