Hearing Loss Peer Mentoring

Hearing Loss LIVE! provides mentoring services. While we look to our hearing aid professionals for help with technology, there’s a gap in support and education. Though hearing devices help, that’s not the whole equation to living with hearing loss successfully. There’s also:

  • Accommodations
  • Proper self advocacy
  • Using different strategies to accomplish goals

We can fill that gap.

At Hearing Loss LIVE!, we are people who have been at the very bottom of hearing loss, the top of our game and everywhere in between. Our mentors can help you get beyond struggle and isolation, to confident and capable.

A mentor is…

  • Someone who has years of experience with hearing loss, a leader in the community.
  • Supports you on your journey, wherever you are.
  • Shares insights, experiences and offers options.
  • Helps you set a new direction with workable goals.

We are not counselors, we are peers with many years of valuable, personal experience.

Mentoring packages include…

  • Three private 45 minute sessions, held in complete confidence.
  • Addressing 1-3 specific communication needs
  • Creating a hearing plan.

For our grand opening, we are offering our mentoring packages at an introductory rate of $150.

Contact us for more information.

We are more successful with our hearing loss with peer mentoring and support. We need help in the same way that those with mobility, cognitive, and other disabilities need help adapting to a real-life. With a new perspective, workable tools and strategies, our life experience will improve.

Be sure to watch our upcoming workshops and presentations to learn more.