Hearing Loss for Family & Friends

For the most part, people with hearing loss don’t know what is needed for proper communication, let alone hearing family and friends. There are several misconceptions about hearing loss, hearing aids and getting access to communication.

There is a a large knowledge gap between getting hearing devices, and learning to live with hearing loss. Hearing aids help but so do other accommodations and self advocacy. Hearing Loss LIVE! can help fill the gap and get everyone in the know.

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Hearing loss is a communication disorder, creating obstacles to communication. Hearing aids and cochlear implants help but they do not fix everything. The communication obstacle persists. Hearing aids are not hearing miracles for a reason.

Family Experiences some of the same feelings.

Hearing partners go through many of the same feelings as their hearing loss partners; grief, guilt and anger for what is lost. Neither party knows this roller coaster of emotions is normal or that we all experience grief with hearing loss.

We help navigate some of those questions with easy changes to communication habits that will help you navigate every day life. The 3 Golden Rules below are easy to change and will immediately make a difference.

The 3 Golden Rules are a gift of inclusion for those with hearing loss. 
Get their attention before talking.
Face them while talking.
Be within 6 feet. 
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It takes two to communicate

Seeing is hearing. The Hard of Hearing do not hear as well if hearing people are doing their part. To end frustration and communication breakdowns, hearing partners need to follow the 3 Golden Rules.

Break the communication circle of chaos together!

Together, we can improve communication. Family and friends can work together to improve outcomes. If your Hard of Hearing partner isn’t being proactive, you can be. Hearing Loss LIVE! welcomes all hearing family members and friends who want to learn more. Here are a few things you can do to learn more…

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