Hearing Family & Friends

  • Do you suspect your someone in your family has a hearing loss?
  • Maybe they are in denial, how do you break through?
  • Would you like to know how to improve communication and lower frustration?
  • Do you feel like their hearing technology is not enough?
  • Are you supporting them in a healthy way?

We are your people.

Hearing loss is a communication disorder, creating obstacles to communication. People often think once a person gets hearing aids, or cochlear implants, the obstacle is removed. While hearing aids help, they are not called “hearing miracles” for a reason.

There is a large gap between getting hearing devices, and learning to live with hearing loss successfully. If the person with hearing loss wasn’t taught how to work with hearing loss fully, they won’t be able to pass along information on best communication practices as needed.

“Mrs. Stepp has provided services to the Utah State Division of Services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for roughly 15 years.  My first contact with her was attending a meeting of the Hearing Loss Association of America (formerly known as Self Help for Hard of Hearing).  Our agency began hiring Ms. Stepp to provide CART services at various classes, workshops and presentations.  We have found her services to be professional, informative, not to mention a service provider who is accommodating and flexible.”


We believe communication improves together with our family and friends. We’ve seen our people go through many of the same feelings we do; grief for what is lost and guilt for not for being able to attend events. We have seen them unsure how to support us, how to keep us involved, when to step in and when to stay out. We’ve seen them breakdown with us.

By learning more about hearing loss, hearing devices, accommodations and specific barriers, you can improve the quality of your communication with your loved one.

Talk With a Peer Mentor

Options 1: Package of three one-on-one sessions for 45 minutes each with our experienced peer mentor. We can help you with options and set goals, step by step. $150 introductory rate.

Option 2: One hour appointment for $75. Pick our brains for solutions!

Option 3: Join one of our events. Everyone is welcome to join our Upcoming Events. Even if you are the hearing partner, you will gain valuable insight.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us!