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For more information on our Lipreading Classes, read here.

Our LIVE! classes will begin again in 2024. Sign up for our twice monthy Email newsletter for future dates and times.

New content now available for purchase!!

  • Our Workshop Series with workbook/journal are starting to roll out. Each package contains a Video, Audio (with Transcript) and a personalized Workbook all for only 15 dollars per workshop.
  • Lipreading Concepts and Basic Lip Shapes are now available as prerecorded content. Six lesson with six accompanying worksheets can be enjoyed anywhere anytime.
  • We offer a one-on-one Class experience built around Hearing Loss Strategies/Concepts. Two hours for only $50.

2023 We will host a FREE Let’s Talk Workshop the first Tuesday of every month 6-7:30 PM Mountain Time. Sign up today and let’s talk!

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We are bootstrapping it and passionate about our mission. We want as many people to attend as we can, keeping it open to all, so we are asking you to pay what you can, when you can. This helps us stay open and spread awareness.

Our ultimate satisfaction comes from seeing more people with hearing loss confident and leading successful lives.

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