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Changes in Hearing Loss LIVE!

Hearing Loss LIVE! lives on…however, we have a change.

We have had several people ask about our partner, Michele Linder. As most of you know, she is a lipreader and depends on her eyes for communication. Being on the computer a lot has impeded her lipreading abilities. After a thoughtful discussion last month, Michele has decided to step down as co-owner of Hearing Loss LIVE! She will continue her work as a caption advocate, Chelle and Julia will support her with her future endeavors. 

Not everyone benefits from hearing devices and they can still live a full life. Michele is a great example of diversity in hearing loss. She offers several presentations on captioning and self advocacy based on her experiences. She helps folks get in the KNOW.  

Michele’s Statement

You can also watch a short video with the 3 us here.

Hearing Loss LIVE! (HLL) has been a wonderful undertaking and experience and something I am thankful to have been a part of. How ingenious! A former Hard of Hearing Specialist, a CART provider, and a Captioning Advocate joining forces to help others with hearing loss live fully in a world not designed for them! I am very proud to have been a part of HLL this past year. 

However, due to some ongoing vision issues I have been forced to drastically limit my screen time and can no longer devote as much time to HLL as needed. I have decided to step away as a partner. I certainly plan to continue to contribute and to support Julia and Chelle, and HLL, in all they do.

Michele, Julia & Chelle out camping and planning, summer 2021

Thank you Michele for all you do. We look forward to your future captioning projects.

Learn more about Chelle & Julia on our website.

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