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Pride in Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is a huge challenge but we can share a list of ways to celebrate Disability Pride Month. See if you can celebrate a few wins with us. 

Background is large green triangles of various shades. Black font: Disability Pride Month. An image with of two people standing on either side of a wheelchair with smiles and arms raised. A man at the right next to them has glasses on and a hand in pocket.  Black font a quote by Chelle: "Without hearing loss, I never would have met the people I did or traveled to the places I've been."
Take Pride in Community

Getting to know others with hearing loss is invaluable! We basically have the same communication struggles and can help each other out with support. Not only that, but we can get validation on understanding certain people…because some people are hard to understand. They mumbled, they talked too fast and/or they didn’t look at you. No facial expressions. Yes, she/he was very easy to understand. We get to compare notes with each other! 

People with hearing loss have the biggest hearts. They want to help each other succeed. Join a local support group or join an online group to gain new strategies and learn more about technology. Subscribe to Hearing Loss LIVE!’s Let’s Talk Tuesday on our home page. We are an intimate group with so much knowledge between us. The next one is August 6th at 6:00 PM Mountain time. It’s online via Zoom and we have a real person providing captions to make sure it’s accessible. 

Hearing Aid Privilege
Background is large green triangles of various shades. Black font: Hearing Aid Privilege. Image of blue hearing aids to the left. We can shop in peace with a grocery cart underneath. Musical notes, we can use Bluetooth to tune into music without anyone knowing. Z's floating up, we can turn off our hearing at night.

Hearing aid privilege because when it’s a noisy environment, we have the choice to turn it down or off! Chelle enjoys a peaceful shopping experience while at the grocery store. She also totally appreciates the Bluetooth feature because she turns on music, blocking out the environment. This also happens to improve her mood while blocking not so friendly environmental sounds. With the ambient noise slide bar in her hearing aid app, she can adjust her hearing aids to hear some music and some environment too.

We also tend to sleep better because we take our hearing devices out/off. Did you hear the wind rattling things all night long? No, I didn’t hear a thing. Did you hear the rooster crowing at dawn? I did not. Did you hear the large animal sniffing at the tent? Nope. I only woke up because your arms were flailing, beating on the tent walls to scare it away. Hearing friends and family sometimes wish they could turn off their hearing at times too.


We are creative people. Sometimes this is because we have to be creative to get around hearing loss obstacles. We have to think outside the box to get what we need. At times this is an unconscious strategy but once we realize what we are doing, we can maximize it. This creativity overlaps into other areas of our lives as well. How many of you are writers, painters, crafters? 

Great Listeners

What? That sounds odd, people with hearing loss are great listeners? You bet. If you’re following the 3 Golden Rules – getting our attention first, facing us and being within 6 feet – we are great listeners. We have to focus on you. Our minds can’t wander so you have our undivided attention. We are listening only and not thinking of anything else. Of course, we have to be up front about not hearing something and hopefully you patiently repeat. 

Hearing Loss is Not Who We Are

Above all, remember hearing loss is not who we are, it’s how we communicate. It’s a part of us but it’s not all of who we are. There’s so much to each and everyone of us. Allow yourself a little pride this month for how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished so far. It’s a journey! If you’re not feeling it, we get it. Hang in there with us and we’ll do our best to help you feel more confident and comfortable with hearing loss.  

The Struggle
Background is large green triangles of various shades. 3 Green leaves upper left. Black font: Disability Pride Month, July. Image of two hands holding a heart. Black font: Hearing Loss hits hard when it's sudden and when it drops into the severe stage. We know it's a journey and we see you where you are at. Hang in there and keep at it.

The struggle with hearing loss is real. Trying to figure out how to be in this world without hearing is a huge challenge. If you are deep in the struggle right now, we do not expect you to feel pride. Hearing loss is isolating and we lose our connection to voices, music, environmental cues and more. It’s a journey. Hearing Loss LIVE! recognizes you where you are at right now. Stay with us for support where and when you need it.

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Build Your Hearing Loss Social Support Network

Having a support network of friends is crucial for resilience during tough times, as in friends with hearing loss and others within the community. We all have our best buds for support but having friends with hearing loss gives us instant empathy. Having connections in the industry gives us insight and valuable resources. Many parents of kids with hearing loss are fierce advocates and also excellent sources of support. 

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The New Norm with Hearing Loss

This new norm with hearing loss can and often leads to an identity crisis. Who am I now that I have a hearing loss? What happened to all my skills? Will I ever be the same? How do I find a path back to my level of skills prior to hearing loss? Can I even do that? 

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Hearing Loss as an Identity Crisis

When we think of hearing loss we don’t automatically think that we enter into an identity crisis.  For some, “The situation is very different for late-deafened adults. These individuals have developed a personality that does not incorporate hearing loss. They have jobs, families, and personalities and relate to those aspects of their lives as fixed. When hearing loss occurs, it is a very disorienting experience. Rapid losses are more disorienting than gradual losses. Late-deafened adults often report that their hearing loss robs them of an understanding of their identity and often initiates an identity crisis. They may manifest a “reactive” depression and/or anxiety in response to a typically external situation.”  The Psychology of Hearing Loss | The ASHA Leader

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Hearing Loss Community Members: Humelan Hearing

Meet our hearing loss community members. Why? Because they provide valuable resources and inspire us. Spreading hearing loss awareness is going to take a lot of us working together and as individuals. Connections in the community provide more resources and ways to get the word out.