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When Hearing Loss Technology Goes Right

There are more options than ever for hearing loss thanks to technology. Having technology available gives us more options for living life than ever before. From hearing aids, to smartphones, assistive listening and remote CART/live captioning capabilities. We love technology.

Accessibility Accommodations Assistive Listening Device Hard of Hearing Hearing Aids Hearing Loops & Telecoils Hearing Loss

Public Outings: Using Assistive Listening Systems

Let’s take a look at the assistive listening systems we used this past year, in public and private settings. Also known as HATS, Hearing Assistive Technology. 

Hearing devices (hearing aids, cochlear implants, personal amplifiers) work best within a 6 foot range. To understand this best, picture yourself in a 6 foot bubble. Everything in that bubble is what you’ll hear best; shuffling papers, someone coughing near you, candy wrappers. If it’s outside that bubble, the sounds will be more faint and less clear compared to what’s inside the bubble.  Now imagine you’re 12 feet away from the speaker and you’re in an audience, it’s going to be tough to understand what’s being said.  That’s why there’s assistive listening systems, to bridge that gap. They put the speaker in your ear. 

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Attend a Hearing Loss Convention

Hearing Loss LIVE! went to the 2022 SayWhatClub (SWC) convention August 10th-13th in Nashville, Tennessee In this post about the convention, we hope to inspire you to attend a hearing loss convention yourself.

What does that mean? 
Accessibility Hearing Loops & Telecoils Hearing Technology

Hearing Loops & Telecoils

Assistive listening symbol: an outline of an ear in the middle with a slash at the top right and bottom left to indicate assistive listening. This symbol has a T which means it has a hearing loop and we can use our telecoils.
Assistive Listening Symbol with a T to indicate a hearing loop.

Hearing loops (also known as induction loops) transmit a magnetic signal to telecoils (T-coil) in hearing devices. A telecoil is a tiny coiled copper wire inside hearing aids.

Installation of a wire loop (various arrays) usually goes around the floor, and sometimes the ceiling, of a facility. Activating the T-coil in a hearing device allows the user to hear sound directly from any looped room or facility, stage, hall, playhouse, theater, conference area. The loop delivers a crisp clear sound.

Hearing loops & telecoils are NOT outdated.

Hearing loops are old technology (invented in 1937), but that doesn’t mean they are outdated. The U.S. lags far behind European, and other, countries in providing loops. They aren’t just for the Hard of Hearing (HoH), anyone can experience the clear and direct sound piped into their ears via telecoil receivers and devices.

Do you have a telecoil?