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Toastmasters with Harry Wolfe

Audible Talkers is a hearing loss friendly Toastmasters group started by Harry Wolfe.  It’s based in Arizona but because meetings are online via Zoom, anyone from anywhere can join. (Several members have been from different countries.) Chelle was invited to attend an online meeting during the pandemic by a mutual friend who also has hearing loss. By joining this group, Chelle improved her speaking skills and made a valuable connection with the hearing loss community in Arizona. She appreciates Harry’s efforts to make the club accessible to those of us with hearing loss. He also advocates to help Toastmaster clubs to become more hearing loss aware. Today, we introduce you to Harry Wolfe.

Zoom gallery view with 14 Audible Talkers Toastmasters members present. everyone is smiling. Several members have hearing loss in this Toastmasters group.
Audible Talkers Toastmasters first meeting online.
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Hearing Loss Community Member: Angie Fuoco

Get to know another hearing loss community member! Today, we are delighted to interview hearing loss community member Angie Fuoco.

Angie Fuoco is a member of the hearing loss community.
Angie is in the foreground. She's white with curly red hair, blue eyes and big smile. She has a black and white shirt on. Behind her is the outline of a city in the late evening.
Angie with her infectious smile.