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When Hearing Loss Technology Goes Right

There are more options than ever for hearing loss thanks to technology. Having technology available gives us more options for living life than ever before. From hearing aids, to smartphones, assistive listening and remote CART/live captioning capabilities. We love technology.

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Hearing Loss, What Did We Learn in 2023?

Every month when we close out a topic at Hearing Loss LIVE!, we ask ourselves – what did we learn? Usually, we’ve learned at least a few things, if not more. The discussions that pop up in our classes and workshops are fabulous! It can be someone new to the hearing loss discussion who spins us a new perspective. Maybe it’s someone with years of hearing loss experience who shared an offbeat tip or different strategy. The learning never stops and we all learn from each other. 

This is a good end of the year question for us at Hearing Loss LIVE!  What did we learn in 2023?

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Accommodations: Behind the Scenes

What happens behind the scenes when we request accommodations? A lot more than we generally know. We love seeing people request accommodations, such as CART/live captioning. However, there are a few more steps we can take to ensure better outcomes and that’s what we’ll discuss this month.

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Quality Captions

With the Global Alliance of Speech to Text Quality Caption Task Force

Our guests today are:

  • Sebrina Crosby, CRC. Sebrina is a Realtime CART Captioner and owner of Access Captioning, LLC
  • Kimberly Shea, NCSP, CRC. Kimberley is a realtime broadcast/CART captioner and she is the President of Breaking Barriers Captioning Services, LLC.

Serbina and Kimberly volunteer with Global Alliance Speech to Text with the Quality Caption Task Force

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Happy Anniversary!

Chelle: This is Hearing Loss LIVE!’s 40th podcast and it’s our first anniversary. ! It’s been fun creating podcasts and seeing where they go. We’ve highlighted hearing loss and its related issues and strategies; spotlighted community members for inspiration, and will continue to do so.

I love the connections we’ve made.