Christmas Memories

The Holiday Season is a time of sharing so we thought we would share some of our Christmas memories.

Julia: My grandparents had a small pine tree that was planted in a pot outside. This was brought in and decorated at Christmas time. For whatever reason this was my favorite Christmas tree growing up. But I also liked the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, so there may be a correlation. 

Accessibility Hearing Loops & Telecoils Hearing Technology

Hearing Loops & Telecoils

Assistive Listening Symbol
Assistive Listening Symbol specific to Hearing Loops

A hearing loop, a.k.a. an induction loop, wirelessly transmits magnetic energy from sound systems to telecoil (T-coil) sensors in hearing devices. Installation of a wire loop (various arrays) in the floor or ceiling of a facility or area is required. Activating the T-coil in their hearing device allows the user to hear sound directly from any looped room or facility, stage, hall, playhouse, theater, conference area.

Hearing loops are old technology (invented in 1937), but that doesn’t mean they are outdated. The U.S. lags far behind European, and other, countries in providing loops. And, they aren’t just for the Hard of Hearing (HoH), anyone can experience the clear and direct sound piped into their ears via hearing loops and telecoil receivers.

Feel free to contact us through our website if you want to learn more about loops.

Advocacy Personal advocacy

HoHs Go Shopping

Shopping while HoH (Hard of Hearing) presents some challenging communication scenarios. Our attention and eyes are focused on the task at hand and we are less aware of what is going on around us. Being spoken to when our attention is elsewhere often catches us off guard. The good news: Shopping also provides unlimited opportunities to practice at finding effective ways to navigate those tricky situations. And remember, if you avoid situations that trip you up, you’ll never get better at handling them.

Accessibility Captioning Open-Captioned Live Theatre

Open-Captioned Live Theatre

Our guest this week is our friend Vicki Turner, whose career as court reporter and CART provider began in 1980. Vicki founded Turner Reporting & Captioning Services in 2005 and soon after provided Las Vegas with its first open-captioned theatre performance. Her list of theatre captioning credits continues to grow, as does her passion for spreading awareness of the importance and benefit in providing accessibility to Hard of Hearing (HoH) and deaf patrons. By providing open-captioned live theatre, Vicki makes it possible for a person to fully participate in their life experience and not feel isolated from the hearing world.

Communicating with Kids Communication Practices

Hearing Small Voices

Michele: Because I’m a lipreader, I’ve taught my granddaughter Ayla how to talk to me from the time she was born. Year after year, I’ve witnessed the benefits and it’s been awesome to see her progress on her own each time I demonstrate ways for her to help me understand more.