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Changes in Hearing Loss LIVE!

Hearing Loss LIVE! lives on…however, we have a change.

We have had several people ask about our partner, Michele Linder. As most of you know, she is a lipreader and depends on her eyes for communication. Being on the computer a lot has impeded her lipreading abilities. After a thoughtful discussion last month, Michele has decided to step down as co-owner of Hearing Loss LIVE! She will continue her work as a caption advocate, Chelle and Julia will support her with her future endeavors. 

Not everyone benefits from hearing devices and they can still live a full life. Michele is a great example of diversity in hearing loss. She offers several presentations on captioning and self advocacy based on her experiences. She helps folks get in the KNOW.  

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Lipreading Classes

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Hearing Loss LIVE! offers 2 lipreading classes throughout the year. See our Events page for dates and times.

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Gifts for the Hard of Hearing

Gifts of inclusion go straight to the heart. There’s a variety of ways you can support your Hard of Hearing (HoH) loved one, many of which do not cost money. There are some that cost money and also find a special place in the heart. Following are some gift ideas for those in your family with hearing loss.

*Note: We don’t have business agreements with the following companies. We have experience with their products, or have heard good things from others.

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Communication with Family, Friends & Coworkers

All too often the person with hearing loss takes on the sole responsibility of communication. It is a heavy burden… and it’s not realistic. Everyone has miscommunication issues at times. It takes two to make communication happen, even if it’s two hearing people, one person with hearing loss and a hearing person or two hard of hearing people. All people have to do their part; at home, at work and out in public.

“Go get hearing aids and everything will be fine.” Ummm…yes they will help but no, they don’t solve the whole problem with hearing loss. Hearing aids & cochlear implants help but they do not give us natural hearing abilities. Even with our hearing devices, changes are needed on both sides for proper communication to happen. If our hearing family, friends and coworkers don’t do their part, we cannot do our part

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Dr. Ingrid McBride, Mobile Audiologist

Let’s Talk About Patient Centered Care

Our guest this week is an audiologist, Dr. Ingrid McBride. She lives in Arizona and has a mobile audiology practice, Audio-Logics Consultants, LLC. She travels all over the state of Arizona meeting with clients. Hearing Loss LIVE! met her through our friend Gloria Pelletier who also shares her experience below.