Accessibility Captioning Open-Captioned Live Theatre

Open Captions for Live Theater

Nothing says welcome like open captions at live theater for those with hearing loss.

Our guest this week is our friend Vicki Turner, whose career as court reporter and CART provider began in 1980. Vicki founded Turner Reporting & Captioning Services in 2005 and soon after provided Las Vegas with its first open-captioned theatre performance. Her list of theatre captioning credits continues to grow. So does her passion for spreading awareness of the importance in providing accessibility. Vicki makes it possible for a person to fully participate in life experiences.

Communicating with Kids Communication Practices

Hearing Loss & Small Voices

A great many of us have high frequency hearing loss which means we have a difficult time hearing small voices. Kids are already a challenge because they bounce around and don’t face us. Or they suddenly get shy or have a hard time looking at us. Here are some tips on how we deal with those small voices.

It’s takes some training & persistence.

Michele: Because I’m a lipreader, I taught my granddaughter Ayla how to talk to me from the time she was born. Year after year, I’ve witnessed the benefits. It’s been awesome to see her progress as I demonstrate ways for her to help me understand more.

Car Travel

Hearing Loss in Cars

There is no secret to why riding in cars is so difficult for people who have hearing loss. The environment of a moving vehicle is a cacophony of sensory stimulation; road and engine noise, wind noise if the windows are down, radio blaring, lively conversation, fluctuating light, and distracting scenery. It takes a lot of concentration for a HoH to hear and respond to speech in a car.


Hearing Loss on a Plane

Those who have hearing loss do not corner the market on being anxious about traveling by plane alone. Many people who have no disability or barrier fear travel. However, the inability to hear announcements is an added anxiety and requires more presence of mind for the HoH to stay on top of important information they need to know.

Parenting Kids With Hearing Loss

Parenting Kids With Hearing Loss

Parenting kids with hearing loss is easier if one is in the know. Hearing LIVE!’s guest this week is our friend Hollie Enniss-Poe. Her son was born with complications that led to early hearing loss. He is now 17 and among the more than 90 percent of deaf/hard of hearing children born to hearing parents.

Hollie shares their experiences with professionals. She also gives us a surprising source of connection to organizations that can help. With research, resilience, and persistence, she was able to navigate the best way forward for her son and their family.

Organizations mentioned in the podcast, and other helpful links.