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A Hearing Loss Thanksgiving

Hearing Loss LIVE! wishes everyone a good Thanksgiving with whatever works for you.

Orange background.
White font that says Happy Thanksgiving Day. 
The hearing loss live logo of 3 leaves.
White font: Let's take the time to appreciate the big and little blessings we have. 23 November.

These large gatherings aren’t easy. If you’re doing it, give yourself a pat on the back. You’re brave enough to swim in noise and cheer and the chance you’ll miss the punchline. It’s full of challenges. 

A light blue/gray background. Gray font that says: This is what deaf or hard of hearing people when hearing people speak to them. It is hard work.
Half of the letters are scrubbed out to make it difficult to read.

However, here’s to what you do catch and who you can connect with. The ones who make the effort are gold.

Yellow to orange background. It says: Deep conversations with the right people are priceless. 
Picture shows 3 cups of coffee together. 
Next to the picture is the Hearing Loss LIVE logo.

Try changing some of the dynamics this year, when possible. Be proactive for your communication needs. Let them know the 3 Golden Rules are a game changer. People don’t understand what hearing loss is so share your stories too. Start a conversation and work on solutions together. 

White font at the top: The 3 Golden Rules when talking to someone with hearing loss.
A golden circle with gold leaves. 
Inside the golden circle it says:
Get their attention before speaking.
Face them while talking.
Be within 6 feet.
At the bottom left: Hearing Loss LIVE logo in white.

Be creative! In what ways can you get around the hearing loss obstacle this Thanksgiving? Use your tribe, we’re here for you. Ask other people with hearing loss what they do in certain situations. We all have big hearts and want the best for each other. 

White background. Black font that says:
Find Your Tribe
Love them hard.

Don’t forget to explore technology. Use automatic speech recognition apps (ASR). AVA has a group chat option (link). Don’t forget to try the different programs in your hearing aids and explore hearing aid apps to see what other tweaks you can make on your own. If you have one, take a remote companion microphone with you.  

Don’t forget to take your hearing breaks.

When you start to feel the energy drain, give yourself hearing breaks. You deserve it. 

A meme done on someecards: A little boy whispering in a little girl's ear. It says: It's been lovely....
But I am turning off my hearing aids. 
Pink background
Choosing to Stay Home

Even if you aren’t joining a family gathering, that’s okay. Maybe you need some space to heal. There are seasons with hearing loss. Drops in hearing especially throw us off and that needs time to heal. If you’re happier at home, so be it.

We have a lot in common with introverts.

Maybe you’re tried hard to find your place, educating and sharing your communication needs weren’t met. There’s nothing lonelier than sitting pretty and not participating. It’s okay to stay away. If you need a little companionship, try reaching out to your tribe in the various support groups via social media. We watch out for each other.

Whatever your choice, be good to yourself this Thanksgiving.

Love to the tribe, from Hearing Loss LIVE!

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