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12 Days of Christmas for Hearing Loss

Let’s take a look at the 12 Days of Christmas with a hearing loss theme. Our friend Gloria Pelletier helped us craft this song.

HoH HoH HoH! Sing along with us… 

HoH = Hard of Hearing

On the first day of Christmas my live theater venue gave me a captioned play.
Open captions at a live theater. There's a corner of the stage with a bulletin board. There's several members of the audience in the foreground. The captions are on a raised black LED board with red letters.  Captions are a gift for those with hearing loss.
The Salt Lake Acting Company offers one captioned performance per show run.

On the second day of Christmas my true love gifted me two new hearing aids!

New hearing aids. Black with wires leading to red ear molds that have a white tip.
On the third day of Christmas my hearing party friends used all 3 Golden Rules!
A purple meme with a ring of gold that has leaves coming off it. White font.
The 3 Golden Rules when talking to someone with hearing loss.
Get their attention before speaking. Face them while talking. Be within 6 feet.
Wouldn’t that be a true gift!

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 4 new desiccant packs for my dehumidifier!

A santa hat laid on a table. There's a plastic sour cream container with a bunch of desiccant packets (dry packets) in it. There's 4 new desiccant packs on the santa hat.
Create your own hearing device dehumidifier by collecting dry packets. Store them in a plastic container. Put your hearing aids in it at night after a wet day.
On the fifth day of Christmas my HoH community gave me 5 technology options to work with my hearing aids/cochlear implant!
Picture of a table from above, there's 3 Roger Ons and 2 Roger pens with a smartphone and a charging station for the Roger Pens.
When HoH friends get together, they share what they know about technology.

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 6 weeks of lipreading lessons!

A red meme. There's a gold spiral in the upper left corner, from large to small representing a Christmas tree. There's some shiny gold
On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me 7 hearing device accessories.

Links: Deaf Metal, Ear Suspenders, Hayleigh’s Cherished Charms and Ear Gear.

On the eighth day of Christmas a friend introduced me to 8 new friends with hearing loss
16 people together. It's a picture taken of the SayWhatClub convention volunteers. Chelle is in the front sitting on a chair.
Or more than 8 if you’re lucky! This are friends from the SayWhatClub Convention committee several years ago. Volunteering for HoH support groups will give you many new friends.

On the ninth day of Christmas the HoH community gave to me, 9 names of qualified AuDs/HIS.

A royal blue meme with a gold circle. Inside the circle is a clipboard with a pen and list, an ear with a cloud list and a hearing test representation.
The HoH Community is resourceful.

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 10 workbook packages of wisdom.

Shows 5 of 10 workbook packages sold by Hearing Loss LIVE! It shows Grief: hearing loss and healing, being comfortable with hearing loss, communication boundaries, accommodations behind the scenes and hearing loss and limits.
5 of 10 workbooks are shown here.

(To see all the available workbooks with video presentations, go HERE. )

On the eleventh day of Christmas I gave myself hearing aid privilege to not Listen to 11 off key musicians. 
A Maxine comic. There's a window in the background with Christmas carolers. A dog in a green and red beanie with glasses and ear protection on. Maxine on the couch in a red shirt and beanie, a green sweater holding a mug. She says, "Fortunately for me a 'silent night' is just a flick of the hearing aid switch away.

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a 12 month subscription to ASR.

A screen shot of the Otter app. It gives key words from the conversation (mumble, captures, helps, agree, perfect) and then has a short conversation using those words. Chelle was showing someone how it worked.
The Otter app

ASR is “automatic speech recognition” software. Otter and AVA have 12 month subscriptions so you don’t run out of captions.

Now backwards!
  • A 12 month subscription to ASR
  • Hearing aid privilege (a hearing break as needed)
  • 10 workbooks/video presentation packages
  • 9 qualified AuD/His
  • 8 new HoH friends
  • 7 hearing aid/cochlear implant accessories
  • 6 weeks of lipreading lessons
  • 5 technology options to pair with hearing aids/CIs
  • 4 desiccant packs (create your own dehumidifier!)
  • 3 Golden Rules
  • 2 new hearing aids
  • and an open captioned play (See our post on Salt Lake Acting Company to find out how they funded their captions.)

Season’s Greeting & Best Wishes for 2024!

We’ve been serious lately so we wanted to have a little fun. Our best to all of you.

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